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2007 Sportsman Channel's Episode of The Year


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Remote Northern Saskatchewan - always known as one of, if not the best Black Bearremote northern Saskatchewan bear hunting hunting destinations. In 2007 we outfitted an area for Black Bear never before hunted, with GREAT success. In 2009 we will be opening still more territory adjoining this area...never before hunted. Another rare chance to be on the ground floor of this area - you can be one of the first.

For years many bear (and many big bear) have been spotted by our fisherman and guides on the shorelines, swimming and feeding by the numbers at the feeder creeks and streams around Tate Island Lodge. With our 20+ years of experience outfitting bear hunting and fishing in Canada, in the spring of 2007, for the first time ever, we opened this new area for Black Bear hunting. We took a limited number of hunters in a small portion of the area available to us, with very impressive results. With what we've seen out there, the future looks very exciting!

spring color phase bear hunting in new areaIn 2009 we will again be hunting this area for the many, many "big boys" that only allowed us trail cam photos, but did not appear at the right time to become trophies in our trophy rooms...yet. We will be expanding this area around Tate Island Lodge to include many more miles of streams, rivers, and prime bear territory, where these "brutes" have never seen a hunter...EVER! We have no doubt of continuing the same success as we had this first year. We are expecting some great trophies!

Hunting is done on pre-baited stands, by feeder creeks and streams where bear come to feed...and fine some luv'n. Hunting can be done all day with equal success, however, great fishing is available before hunting if you want to split up the day, with a guide prepared shore lunch. all our years of Canadian outfitting, and knowing the industry...for now and in the foreseeable future, if a real trophy Black or Color Phase Bear is what you're after..your best odds are right here!

Limited Space - Give us a call - Chances like this don't come by often





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